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Fresh and Frozen Beef, Veal, Poultry

We specialize in assisting customers to source and distribute meats from the markets of Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Uruguay. We purchase from all major suppliers in these markets in order to meet our customer satisfaction and needs. Their success is our obsession.


Service Highlights

  • A place for buyers and sellers
  • Supply to producers, exporters and distributors of meat ingredient raw material
  • We take on all risks inherent in their transactions providing logistic, finance, and currency options, market opinions, research and information.
  • Offer the lowest cost, highest throughput and over the shortest cycle possible
  • We continuously provide our suppliers with up to the minute international market information.

AlMeat International focuses on frozen and fresh meat as beef, veal, lamb, and chicken boneless and boxed, vacuum packed local and international. Our contacts in North America are solid and strong with our experiences dealing with them for a long period of time.