Islamic Methods of Slaughtering Animals

Pre-slaughter conditions for animals/poultry:

  • All animals and poultry must be healthy, free from signs of wounds and disease or any form of disfigurement.
  • They should be treated in a humane manner prior to slaughter.
  • Any acts of injury or cutting are prohibited on animals prior to their slaughter.

Conditions of Slaughter

Halal slaughters should be carried out according to the following regulations:

  • Only a Muslim who is of sound mind, mature and who understands the fundamentals, rules and conditions of slaughtering animals in Islam should perform the slaughtering.
  • The animals to be slaughtered must be animals that are Halal and can be eaten by a Muslim.
  • The animal must be fully alive or deemed to be alive at the time of slaughter.
  • The slaughtering should sever the trachea and esophagus. The carotid arteries and jugular veins will automatically be severed when both main vessels are cut off. The spinal cord should not be cut and the head is not to be severed completely. This is to bring about immediate and massive hemorrhage.
  • Slaughtering must be done only once. Any lifting of the knife is considered as the end of one act of slaughter. Multiple acts of slaughter are not allowed.
  • Bleeding must be spontaneous and complete.
  • Dressing of carcasses should only commence after ascertaining that the animal is dead.
  • Slaughtering implements, tools and utensils mist be utilized only for the slaughter of Halal animals. The equipment or tool has to be sharp at all times.
  • The slaughtering should begin with an incision on the neck at some point before the Adam’s Apple for animals with normal necks, but for animals with long necks such as chicken, geese, turkeys, ostriches, camels, it would have to be after the Adam’s Apple.
  • The phrase “Bismillah…” (In the name of Allah) is encouraged to be immediately invoked before the slaughter of each animal.
  • The objective of slaughtering is only for the sake of Allah and not for other purposes.
  • All Halal verification certificated from AlMeat must be issued, approved and signed by an Islamic Association along with the health certificate from the exporting country. The slaughterhouse must be under the supervision of the local Islamic authority that is capable of auditing the Halal certification.